We are the gateway of your device

to the world.

Cotunnel is a service you can connect to your device's terminal and local webservers from everywhere. You don't need static IP, DDNS, or another service anymore.

Available on Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows & Linux

Cross-platform support

Cotunnel supports Raspberry Pi, Mac, Windows and Linux device. You can install cotunnel to your linux device with an installation script. After running one line bash command cotunnel will ready to use in approximately 30 seconds and starts as a service. You don't need another setting. If you have other operating systems we provide cotunnel executable file.

Web terminal

You don't need to use SSH client anymore. You can connect to your device's console in cotunnel dashboard from everywhere.

Web tunnel

Cotunnel creates a subdomain for your device and you can expose to the world in your local web servers. You can set cotunnel client should connect to the which local port in your cotunnel dashboard. Tunnel URLs support https connection too.

Forever free for one device
  • 1 Terminal process
  • Random device sub-domain
  • Unlimited tunnel connection
Level 2
For per device
If you are an IoT company or developer and you have more devices for control.
If you are a developer and testing your API or webhooks.
  • 5 Terminal process
  • Custom device sub-domain
  • Unlimited tunnel connection
  • Working group support